Two Worlds Apart
Yin yang and the fish by wearemarshal
Author Omar067
Illustrator none
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Avatar:Two Worlds Apart is a fanon series written by Omar067. It tells the story of a boy named Makoto, and a girl named Kimiko.


Over two hundred years have passed since Avatar Aang walked the Earth, and the world was now enjoying a great time of peace, but that all soon changed, when Avatar Mengyao was born. Over the years the powerful spirits constantly observed Mengyao's aggressive, care free, and cocky, behavior and some of them began to think that he was not fit to be the Avatar. Achan, a spirit who lusted for power took advantage of that and somehow convinced the spirits to kill Mengyao. Not only did Achan do that, he also convinced the spirit council to end the Avatar cycle, and now no one stood in the way of his plans to control the human world. However, a powerful female spirit named Izanami defied the spirit council by saving the Avatar Spirit and she severed the power into two life forms as a last resort to protect humanity. The two life forms now live separated on Earth, unaware of their duty to maintain balance in the world, while the spirits are about to declare war on mortals.

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