The Adventures of Omar
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Author Omar067
Illustrator Omar067
Publication date October 6, 2011
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TAO is a series written by Omar067. It tells the story of a boy named Omar that lives in modern-day Earth. One fateful day, he is somehow teleported to the World of Avatar, and awakens in The Southern Water Tribe. He is rescued by Avatar Korra, who is learning Waterbending and has yet to learn the bending disciplines of earth, or fire. Omar travels with her as she learns the elements, and then, their adventure begins...

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"A really good fanon"
- BlueDagger

"Adventures of Omar is awesome!"
- Zuko42899

"Great chapter! I just started reading this and I was amazed."
- Bahjy1

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[hide]The Adventures of Omar
The Adventure Begins - The Southern Water Tribe - Outclassed in Every Way Departure to the Earth Kingdom - The Funeral - Ezastor vs Tierra - Becoming the Monster Overcoming the Obstacles to Come - Earthbending Training - The Test of Teamwork - The War Begins

Expect the Unexpected - The Battle on Hiraki Plains - The Final Battle: Part 1 - The Final Battle: Part 2 The Battalion - The Past of a Deadly Assassin - United - Special Mission: Part 1 - Special Mission: Part 2 Akia's True Power - The Target is Omar - Rivals - Omar vs Masaru -The Motorcycle Four - The Motorcycle Four:Part 2-The Boarcupine Rampage - The Special Armor - The Serpent Sword - Departure to the Fire Nation - Omar's Thoughts - Solenvi's Fight - Rising Evil

Omar - Sario - Masaru - Tierra Oscura - Rasky - Ezastor

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