I lay beneath the dark night sky, alone as I look into the dark sky I see no stars only the moon that shines its light on me, it too was all alone in the sky.

Its light, it shined, preventing me from being wrapped in the loneliness we call darkness, but as I blinked and looked again, I saw.... Happiness A burning bright sun could be seen The light was filled with friendship extinguishing the loneliness within me.

I stretched my arm out to reach for the light as I reached for the happiness my shadow pulled pulled at me, I blinked and opened my eyes again I found myself alone again Swallowed by the darkness we call loneliness It seems the light has died out like a close friend only for me to be saved by the moon light again.... The moon extinguished the loneliness but could never fulfill the happiness I wanted happiness and loneliness was like day and night for me.... a former assassin and Metalbender I am, my name is Solenvi but every one fears me and wants to imprison me I wonder when my loneliness will turn into happiness.

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