Legend of the Awakened One
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Author Omar067
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The Legend of the Awakened One is written by Omar067, about a boy named Zakiy, who is the prince of the Earth Kingdom.


The Legend of the Awakened One is set in Ancient India, which is divided into four nations. In the Earth Kingdom, a boy named Zakiy is born and he is the heir to the Lipan throne. People say he is destined to leave his families' kingdom or stay and become a fearless powerful king. However, his father is determined to make Zakiy go down the path of a fearless king. Meanwhile, a terrorist group of benders from all four nations called the "Comanche Clan" are out to dominate India. This story will follow Zakiy as he strives to discover his own destiny and face many fears and dangers along the way.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Zakiy Lipan. Zakiy is a compassionate, intelligent, and slightly stubborn 16 year old who is the prince of the Earth Kingdom. He is determined to discover his own destiny.
  • Channa. Channa is a servant of King Aadi Lipan, who was ordered to meet all the needs of Zakiy. Channa is intensely loyal to Zakiy, and he is a skilled earthbender.
  • Rin. Rina is a firebender who comes from the Fire Nation. She is hotheaded, stubborn girl who will try to finish anything she starts.
  • Asura Comanche. Asura is the princess of the Camanche Clan. She has spent all her childhood fighting and training. She is a fearless, seductive, and beautiful teen, who is a skilled waterbender.
  • Mara Comanche He is the evil and cruel leader of the Comanche Clan. He is the most powerful waterbender in all of India.

Chapters Edit

  • Chapter:One:Destined for Greatness

Eastern Philosophy InfluenceEdit

Well, Legend of the Awakened One was a story inspired, by the life of the Buddha (also known as Siddhartha Gautama ) with a lot of twists. So, it's bound to have some eastern philosophy influence in it. Names like Mara, Channa, and Asura come from eastern philosophy that I've studied.

Thank YousEdit

I have to think Lostris for creating a fanon called Heiress of the Nile, and the setting of that story is in Ancient Egypt. That story has inspired me to take bending and the world of Avatar to Ancient India, to hopefully create a great new story.

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