[18:47] == Ulquiorra[4ab1edef@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-avatar

[18:47] <Ulquiorra> Why can't I use my name?

[18:48] <+wjxhuang> hi Ulquiorra

[18:48] <RandomRanaun> hi Ulquiorra

[18:48] <+wjxhuang> what's the origin of your name?

[18:48] <Unequalist> What's your name?

[18:48] <Ulquiorra> I'm Omar067.

[18:48] <Unequalist> Oh.

[18:48] <Unequalist> Who are you?

[18:48] <RandomRanaun> Why are you using a different nick then? :/

[18:48] <Ulquiorra> Because I can't use my original.

[18:49] <Unequalist> :s

[18:49] <RandomRanaun> :/

[18:49] <Unequalist> did you forget your password?

[18:49] <Ulquiorra> No.

[18:49] == Annawantimes [~Annawanti@wikia/Annawantimes] has joined#wikia-avatar

[18:49] <uiop60> hi Annawan

[18:49] <RandomRanaun> hi Annawan

[18:50] <Annawantimes> Hey guys

[18:50] <Ulquiorra> It says the name, Omar067 is not able to be used.

[18:51] <+wjxhuang> that's a shame

[18:51] <Ulquiorra> Why?

[18:51] <+wjxhuang> i'm just expressing my regret for your unfortunate situation

[18:51] <Ulquiorra> I just can't trust you guys.

[18:52] <RandomRanaun> k

[18:52] <+wjxhuang> cool story bro

[18:52] <Ulquiorra> ?

[18:52] <MA|Eating> eh?

[18:52] == MA|Eating has changed nick to MetalArmor

[18:53] <MetalArmor> I've taken a look at your site, btw, Omar

[18:53] <Ulquiorra> Okay.

[18:53] <RandomRanaun> what site?

[18:53] <Ulquiorra> Don't tell him.

[18:53] <Unequalist> tell what?

[18:54] <Ulquiorra> This is privacy.

[18:54] <Harpalyce>

[18:54] <Unequalist> lol

[18:54] <MetalArmor> *This is private.

[18:54] <uiop60> someone please register that domain name

[18:54] <Unequalist> private on wiki? unlikely

[18:54] <Ulquiorra> You'll all know about it soon enough.

[18:54] <Unequalist> ooooooooh

[18:54] <Unequalist> sounds good

[18:54] <uiop60> I'm scared

[18:54] <+wjxhuang> what a shame, i was getting too excited there

[18:54] <Unequalist> ominous

[18:55] <Ulquiorra> Just wait.

[18:55] <Unequalist> can I get op here?

[18:55] <Harpalyce> dun dun dunnnn.

[18:55] <Unequalist> chanserv how come you never speak?

[18:55] <+wjxhuang> they all ask that XD

[18:55] <uiop60> All two of you are really going to make a serious difference

[18:55] <Ulquiorra> Lets change the subject.

[18:55] <Harpalyce> idk man, if they're running, think of the cash they're rolling in...

[18:55] <uiop60> why?

[18:55] <MetalArmor> why keep it a secret if it's going to become public?

[18:56] <Unequalist> Ok... changing subject

[18:56] <RandomRanaun> lol

[18:56] <Unequalist> What the fuck is "Deka"?

[18:56] <+wjxhuang> hmm i've been wondering the same for a while

[18:56] <uiop60> You claim to be eloquent regarding your cause -- why avoid the subject if you're so right?

[18:56] <MetalArmor> cannot you not use curse words please?

[18:56] <MetalArmor> *can you not

[18:56] <RandomRanaun> Unequalist: Probably RandomPerson.

[18:56] <Ulquiorra> Because I don't trust some of you.

[18:57] <Unequalist> but /what/ does it mean?

[18:57] <+wjxhuang> some of us? oh dear

[18:57] <uiop60> Why does it matter if you trust us?

[18:57] <Harpalyce> On a totally different note, this just floated by on my tumblr dash and I feel compelled to share.

[18:57] <Unequalist> ooooh I sense some bad blood here

[18:57] <Unequalist> or smell?

[18:57] <uiop60> lol

[18:57] <Unequalist> one of the senses

[18:57] <Ulquiorra> Because it does.

[18:57] <+wjxhuang> well as one of the "oppressive" admins, would you be more trusting if i left?

[18:57] <uiop60> That's not a reason

[18:57] <Ulquiorra> no.

[18:57] <uiop60> that's tautologial and fallacious.

[18:58] <Harpalyce> Oh damn guys, I'm afraid you caught me. The overly friendly noob is obviously the mole here. At least that's what the writers will want you to believe until I heroically take a bullet for one of the beloved other characters.

[18:58] <Unequalist> fallacious like a dick?

[18:58] <uiop60> no

[18:58] <uiop60> lol

[18:58] <RandomRanaun> Ulquiorra: why not?

[18:58] <uiop60> like a fallacy

[18:58] <uiop60> not like a phallus

[18:58] <Unequalist> oh

[18:58] <MetalArmor> ...

[18:58] * Unequalist facepalms

[18:58] <Ulquiorra> My name is Omar067.

[18:59] <Unequalist> your parents named you Omar067?

[18:59] <uiop60> really it's not though that's just a username

[18:59] <Unequalist> wtf

[18:59] <MetalArmor> Harpalyce: Um, what?

[18:59] <RandomRanaun> lol

[18:59] <Unequalist> change it to Omar069

[18:59] <Harpalyce> MetalArmor: That was me attempting to make a lame joke. nothing to see here, not the droids you're looking for, etc

[18:59] * MetalArmor nods

[19:00] <RandomRanaun> Or make it backwards

[19:00] <Ulquiorra> Why do all want to know about it any way.

[19:00] <RandomRanaun> 760ramO

[19:00] == iKongio [48191c41@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-avatar

[19:00] <uiop60> frankly, I find it entertaining

[19:00] <uiop60> annoying, but somewhat cute

[19:00] <Ulquiorra> It's not entertaining to me.

[19:01] <iKongio> wut?

[19:01] <Unequalist> then why are you here??

[19:01] * MetalArmor lost track of this conversation

[19:01] <RandomRanaun> ^ same

[19:01] <iKongio> wut r u talking about

[19:01] <Ulquiorra> Why are you here?

[19:01] <Annawantimes> I'm lost ^^

[19:01] <Harpalyce> your guess is as good as ours I think, iKongio

[19:01] == aford8484[ae7462cc@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-avatar

[19:01] <iKongio> Ulquiorra: wut r u talking about

[19:02] <Ulquiorra> Nothing.

[19:02] <uiop60>

[19:02] <uiop60> this business

[19:02] <iKongio> xDDDDD

[19:02] <iKongio> Haha, Omar

[19:02] <iKongio> You fucking idiot

[19:02] <MetalArmor> ...

[19:02] <RandomRanaun> Oh yeah, I saw that place before. xD

[19:02] * MetalArmor is even more lost now

[19:02] <iKongio> 'Least they aren'

[19:02] <iKongio> *aren't vandalizing anymore

[19:02] <iKongio> MetalArmor: Omar064?

[19:02] <Ulquiorra> Yeah. You found it.

[19:02] <iKongio> Know him?

[19:02] <+wjxhuang> noooo! not martin luther king! :P

[19:02] <iKongio> Well he was vandalizing

[19:02] <iKongio> And saying how we oppress normal users

[19:02] <iKongio> Wait

[19:03] <iKongio> Didn't you argue against him?

[19:03] <aford8484> question for u guys, trying to think of a band name and thinking of using something from Avatar. Any ideas?

[19:03] <iKongio> Ulquiorra: Yo bro I heard you like oppression so I oppressed your oppression like an oppressor

[19:03] <uiop60> umm

[19:04] <uiop60> good Avatard band name...

[19:04] <+wjxhuang> aford8484: the fire ferrets :D

[19:04] <Harpalyce> The wonderful thing about a wiki is that I was able to go and immediately fix the grammar error.

[19:04] * iKongio oppressionfists Harpalyce

[19:04] == Jabberjay [4c5a38ef@wikia/Olorin-The-White] has joined#wikia-avatar

[19:04] <RandomRanaun> aford8484: The Flamey-Os. :P

[19:04] <iKongio> OPPRESSION


[19:04] <+wjxhuang> lol

[19:04] <MetalArmor> iKongio: yes, I've talked to him.

[19:04] <iKongio> wjxhuang: OPPRESSION FOR YOU

[19:04] <Harpalyce> I would say using one of the probending team names would be great! it seems like most of them would be good band names.

[19:04] <Unequalist> wtf is an wikequalist»

[19:04] <iKongio> MetalArmor: OPPRESSION FOR YOU

[19:04] <iKongio> Unequalist: OPPRESSION FOR YOU

[19:04] <Jabberjay> I saw The Aavengers

[19:04] <iKongio> Ulquiorra: OPPRESSION FOR YOU

[19:05] <Jabberjay> Avengers*

[19:05] <MetalArmor> I just don't know who /you/ are

[19:05] <Jabberjay> IT

[19:05] <uiop60> And since it was a good edit, even though you're a new user, it wasn't undone

[19:05] <Jabberjay> WAS

[19:05] <Jabberjay> AWESOME

[19:05] <aford8484> hahaha wjxhuang I thought about that :P Wanted something a little less silly, might be hard to get a balance between something that's not too funny or serious

[19:05] <MetalArmor> Oppression for your cow.

[19:05] <iKongio> uiop60: TRIPLE OPPRESSION FOR YOU

[19:05] <uiop60> See how it works? Good edits go through.

[19:05] <+wjxhuang> iKongio: noooooo

[19:05] <RandomRanaun> Isn't it ironic how they've named themselves after the /villains/ of the series? xD

[19:05] <iKongio> wjxhuang: QUADRUPLE OPPRESSION FOR YOU

[19:05] <MetalArmor> iKongio:Oppression for your cow.

[19:05] <iKongio> MetalArmor: OPPRESSION ON YOU

[19:05] <iKongio> OPPRESSION ON YOUR COW

[19:05] <Jabberjay> who is everyone

[19:05] <Jabberjay> What is this

[19:05] <Jabberjay> I don't even

[19:05] * MetalArmor is MetalArmor

[19:06] <Ulquiorra> This is amazing.

[19:06] <MetalArmor> hope that cleared everything up

[19:06] * RandomRanaun is Random Ranaun

[19:06] <uiop60> What's amazing about it?


[19:06] <Unequalist> What's amazin?

[19:06] <Jabberjay> RandomRanaun, don't lie to me

[19:06] <Jabberjay> Lie to me ill hurt u

[19:06] <RandomRanaun> lol :P


[19:06] <Ulquiorra> Keep em coming.


[19:06] <Jabberjay> iKongio, blue dagger or helices

[19:06] <iKongio> Jabberjay: neither

[19:06] <Unequalist> this is spam

[19:06] <iKongio> OPPRESSION

[19:07] <Unequalist> OPs kick and ban"""

[19:07] <Jabberjay> Who are you

[19:07] <Unequalist> !!!!!

[19:07] <iKongio> SPAM IS OPPRESSION

[19:07] <RandomRanaun> Ulquiorra: what is amazing?

[19:07] <Jabberjay> Are you just an old man in a suit

[19:07] <Jabberjay> OLD MAN JENKINS?

[19:07] <uiop60> You think it's impossible for a new user to be treated well? We were all new users once, and through our good contributions, we gained experience and reputation

[19:07] <Ulquiorra> This just gives me more evidence than I already have.

[19:07] <Jabberjay> wjxhuang: I think he's old man jerkins

[19:07] <iKongio> Ulquiorra: THAT'S OPPRESSING

[19:07] <iKongio> OPPRESSION

[19:07] <Harpalyce> no I'm not just a man in a suit, I'm a genius playboy millionaire philanthropist.

[19:07] <Unequalist> of what?

[19:07] <iKongio> Ulquiorra IS OPPRESSING US

[19:07] <uiop60> Equality isn't a reason to let shitty edits through

[19:07] <+wjxhuang> Jabberjay: no wayy

[19:07] <RandomRanaun> lol

[19:07] <Unequalist> evidence of what?


[19:07] * iKongio stops

[19:07] == iKongio has changed nick to BlueDagger

[19:08] <Jabberjay> Harpalyce, Tony, I hope you've got enough money to pay for the 165 billion dollars of damage you and the Avengers caused

[19:08] <Jabberjay> BlueDagger, I KNEW IT

[19:08] <BlueDagger> Ulquiorra: Have I earned a place on your antagonist list for that fanon yet?

[19:08] <Harpalyce> Why do you think I have this platinum credit card at the ready, Jabberjay?

[19:08] <RandomRanaun> I traced some of the IPs that vandalized after Omar was banned, and most of them were him. :P

[19:08] <Jabberjay> Harpalyce, I thought it was for strippers

[19:08] <BlueDagger> Unequalist: PLEASE? I'm trying REALLY REALLY bad!

[19:08] <Jabberjay> Not even one dollar bills

[19:08] <Jabberjay> Just an entire credit card

[19:08] <Unequalist> noooooooo

[19:08] <Harpalyce> No, no, we multitask here at Stark Industries.

[19:09] <Harpalyce> We pay the strippers to rebuild the city. ....SEXILY.

[19:09] <uiop60> OMAR: The reason we're being so RIDICULOUS is that we're WAY PAST the point of rational argument with you.

[19:09] <Ulquiorra> No.

[19:09] <uiop60> so

[19:09] <BlueDagger> Ulquiorra: COME ON

[19:09] <BlueDagger> I NEED TO BE ON THERE

[19:09] <BlueDagger> I REQUIRE IT

[19:09] <Unequalist> Are you admins?!

[19:09] <BlueDagger> LET ME BE AN ANTAGONISt

[19:09] <Jabberjay> Omg

[19:09] <BlueDagger> I LOVE ADMINS

[19:09] <BlueDagger> AND I OPPRESS EVERYONE

[19:09] <Ulquiorra> Who's arguing?

[19:09] <BlueDagger> WATCH THIS

[19:09] * BlueDagger punches Unequalist

[19:09] <BlueDagger> SEE

[19:09] <BlueDagger> I OPPRESS

[19:09] <Harpalyce> LOUD NOISES

[19:09] <uiop60> as eloquent as I've tried to be in conversation with you today

[19:09] <Jabberjay> Interviewer: You get a lot of action-I mean...

[19:09] <Jabberjay> Jeremy Renner: yes


[19:09] <Unequalist> 9_9

[19:09] <uiop60> OPPRESSION ON YOOOOOU

[19:09] <Jabberjay> Jeremy Renner: I sleep with all the Avengers in the movie

[19:10] <MetalArmor> ...

[19:10] <Jabberjay> Jeremy Renner: All of them.

[19:10] <BlueDagger> uiop60: OPPRESSION ON YOUR COOOOOOOOOOW

[19:10] <MetalArmor> ....

[19:10] <Unequalist> this is no proper behavior of an admin......

[19:10] <BlueDagger> Jabberjay: I slept with Bruce Banner while he was the Hulk


[19:10] <Harpalyce> Now that takes some skill, BlueDagger.

[19:10] <Unequalist> i think he's right when he says you admins SUCK

[19:10] <uiop60> BUT IT'S OK BC I Don't have one

[19:10] <+wjxhuang> damn, as an admin i haven't done enough oppressing to live up to my position

[19:10] <BlueDagger> Harpalyce: Wasn't easy, man

[19:10] <BlueDagger> Wasn't easy

[19:10] <Jabberjay> BlueDagger, you must be confined to a hospital

[19:10] <+wjxhuang> IT'S TIME TO GET STARTED

[19:10] <BlueDagger> wjxhuang: Dude, as a rollback, I haven't been oppressing nearly enough

[19:10] <Jabberjay> Or one of those aliens who are his love interests and had his baby

[19:11] <Unequalist> wow

[19:11] <BlueDagger> wjxhuang: Lol can you imagine if I edited the wiki

[19:11] <Jabberjay> ALSO

[19:11] <Harpalyce> I imagine that there was some intense training before tackling such a thing

[19:11] <Unequalist> this is crazy

[19:11] <Jabberjay> THANOS AT THE END OF THE MOVIE

[19:11] <Jabberjay> .

[19:11] <Jabberjay> but.

[19:11] == mode/#wikia-avatar [+o wjxhuang] by ChanServ

[19:11] <RandomRanaun> looks like Ulquiorra is gone

[19:11] <BlueDagger> Harpalyce: Hard shit, man

[19:11] <Jabberjay> His cgi...didn't look so good

[19:11] <@wjxhuang> MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

[19:11] <BlueDagger> RandomRanaun: NO

[19:11] <BlueDagger> HE CANT BE

[19:11] <Jabberjay> I think they sort of ran out when it came time to animate him

[19:11] <uiop60> he's probably watching

[19:11] <Unequalist> i'm going to report you guys

[19:11] <Harpalyce> Unequalist: ...but I just met you, so here's my number, call me maybe?

[19:11] <uiop60> waiting to strike

[19:11] <Unequalist> to freenode

[19:11] <RandomRanaun> lol

[19:11] <Jabberjay> Hopefully it will be better in The Avengers 2

[19:11] <Harpalyce> damn SECONDS TOO LATE for that joke delivery

[19:11] <BlueDagger> Unequalist: ...For what

[19:11] <uiop60> He'll get us all, you see

[19:11] <BlueDagger> Unequalist: WHAT DID I DO THIS TIME ;_;

[19:11] <Unequalist> spam!!!!

[19:11] <Jabberjay> SPIDER MAN, WHERE WERE YOU

[19:11] <BlueDagger> that is not spam

[19:12] <BlueDagger> this is spam

[19:12] <BlueDagger> SPAM

[19:12] <Unequalist> intimidating behaviour

[19:12] <BlueDagger> SPAM

[19:12] <BlueDagger> SPAM

[19:12] <Jabberjay> THAT IS YOUR CITY, SPIDER MAN.

[19:12] <BlueDagger> SPAM

[19:12] <BlueDagger> SPAM

[19:12] <BlueDagger> SPAM

[19:12] <BlueDagger> SPAM

[19:12] <BlueDagger> SPAM

[19:12] <BlueDagger> SPAM

[19:12] <BlueDagger> SPAM

[19:12] <Jabberjay> YOUR CITY.

[19:12] <BlueDagger> SPAM

[19:12] <RandomRanaun> I really wish Trill was here. :(

[19:12] <uiop60> me too RR


[19:12] <Jabberjay> I guess the Xmen and the Fantastic Four didn't want to help


[19:12] <BlueDagger> HERE HAVE SOME MORE

[19:12] <Unequalist> I won't come back here soon enough

[19:12] * BlueDagger gives Unequalist more oppression

[19:12] <Unequalist> WTF is this oppression nonsense?

[19:12] <Jabberjay> BlueDarkseid


[19:12] <Ulquiorra> Your a good user unequalist.

[19:12] <Jabberjay> wjxhuang, ok

[19:13] * Jabberjay gives wjxhuang cow

[19:13] <@wjxhuang> ME LOVE COW

[19:13] <Jabberjay> Give me sixty cows by tomorrow or you'll be whipped

[19:13] <Jabberjay> they all must be born from this one cow

[19:13] <RandomRanaun> Are "Wikequalists" supposed to be communists?

[19:13] <BlueDagger> Ulquiorra: Lol, playing on some shit Omar keeps spewing

[19:13] <@wjxhuang> Jabberjay: OPRESSION

[19:13] <Unequalist> chanserv help

[19:13] <Jabberjay> wjxhuang, I AM YOUR KING, DO AS I SAY.

[19:13] <Unequalist> \chanserv help

[19:13] == Jabberjay has changed nick to Lokid

[19:14] <@wjxhuang> NOOOO

[19:14] == MonekyButt[407e59f4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-avatar

[19:14] == MonekyButt has changed nick to MonkeyButt

[19:14] <@wjxhuang> CHANSERV WILL NEVER SAVE YOU

[19:14] <Lokid> O WOLL HURT YOU

[19:14] == MetalArmor[407e59f4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]

[19:14] <Lokid> I WILL*

[19:14] <BlueDagger> CHANSERV IS A DIRTY WHORE

[19:14] <Lokid> KNEEL, MORTAL

[19:14] <Unequalist> fucking trolls


[19:14] <RandomRanaun> lol MonekyButt

[19:14] * wjxhuang kneels in fear

[19:14] <Lokid> I AM NOT A TROLL. I AM YOUR KING.

[19:14] <Harpalyce> I have no idea what's going on but I can't stop laughing

[19:14] <BlueDagger> Unequalist: Lol they're not trolls if it's the entire population of IRC that's doing it

[19:14] <BlueDagger> Harpalyce: GOOD

[19:14] <BlueDagger> EMBRACE IT

[19:14] <BlueDagger> EMBRACE THE INSANITY

[19:14] <Lokid> EMBRACE YOUR KING.

[19:14] <Ulquiorra> Because it is meaning less to respond to you.

[19:14] <BlueDagger> INSANITY FOR EVERYONE

[19:14] * MonkeyButt is a butt monkey

[19:14] <BlueDagger> Ulquiorra: TALK TO ME MAN

[19:14] <Unequalist> i'll have your rights revoked

[19:15] <RandomRanaun> Did Omar leave already?

[19:15] * Lokid stabs BlueDagger.

[19:15] <uiop60> THAT DIDN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE

[19:15] * Harpalyce embraces Loki, and possibly gropes a bit

[19:15] <MonkeyButt> it depends

[19:15] * BlueDagger dodges

[19:15] <BlueDagger> BIATCH

[19:15] <MonkeyButt> what's his name now?

[19:15] <Harpalyce> ooh mr loki ooh

[19:15] <Unequalist> wtf did he do to you?

[19:15] <@wjxhuang> Unequalist: NEVAH

[19:15] * BlueDagger dances

[19:15] <Ulquiorra> I've learned a lot from talking to a certain admin.

[19:15] <MonkeyButt> .....

[19:15] <MonkeyButt> .....

[19:15] * BlueDagger plays music

[19:15] * BlueDagger dances harder

[19:15] * BlueDagger dances with Ulquiorra

[19:15] <@wjxhuang> Ulquiorra: WHO WHO

[19:15] <MonkeyButt> oh, there he is................................................^^^^

[19:15] <BlueDagger> JOIN DA PARTY MAN

[19:15] <RandomRanaun> Ulquiorra: do tell

[19:15] * uiop60 parties hard

[19:15] * BlueDagger dances with Ulquiorra

[19:15] <uiop60> lol

[19:15] * BlueDagger throws Ulquiorra into uiop60

[19:15] <Lokid> Harpalyce, you will be punished severely.

[19:15] <BlueDagger> Harpalyce: Prepare to DIE

[19:15] * BlueDagger tickles Harpalyce

[19:15] <Lokid> Only one person can touch Loki.

[19:15] <Harpalyce> but will you leave your cravat on?

[19:16] * BlueDagger touches Lokid

[19:16] <Harpalyce>

[19:16] <Lokid> BlueDagger, you will die

[19:16] <RandomRanaun> Omar probably used proxies to vandalize with the other IPs as well. :P

[19:16] <BlueDagger> Lokid: NOPE

[19:16] * MonkeyButt touches Lokid

[19:16] <Lokid> Here, my wife comes now!

[19:16] <MonkeyButt> :P

[19:16] * uiop60 dodges

[19:16] <Lokid> She has a beautiful mane of hair.

[19:16] <Lokid> Meet our son, Sleipnir.

[19:16] <Harpalyce> now we just have to see if Loki's wife is in fact Thor in drag.

[19:16] == MonkeyButt has changed nick to MetalArmor

[19:16] <Harpalyce> nope it's even better

[19:16] <Annawantimes> Brb, gotta go refill my bucket of popcorn :p

[19:16] <MetalArmor> it probably is.

[19:16] <Lokid> Harpalyce, do not be silly. He is not of the race you call "horses.

[19:16] <Lokid> "horses".*

[19:17] * MetalArmor gives away his bag of popcorn to Annawan

[19:17] <Lokid>

[19:17] * BlueDagger gets a grenade

[19:17] * BlueDagger pulls the pin

[19:17] <Lokid> Look at it

[19:17] * BlueDagger shoves it down uiop60's throat

[19:17] <Lokid> Look at it in all its glory

[19:17] <Unequalist> just went to the main channel and reported this aberation

[19:17] <Harpalyce> Loki when rappers say you gotta get hos, that's not short for horses

[19:17] <BlueDagger> Unequalist: Lol reported what exactly

[19:17] <BlueDagger> This is what we always do

[19:17] * Annawantimes now has two bags of popcorn

[19:17] == Lokid [4c5a38ef@wikia/Olorin-The-White] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[19:17] * uiop60 is made of SOLID DOLOMITE

[19:17] <BlueDagger> this is what fun people do, man

[19:17] <MetalArmor> oh, holy bestiality

[19:17] <MetalArmor> that's just great . . .

[19:17] <Harpalyce> it's even more fun when you consider that Loki in myth was the one who got pregnant.

[19:18] <MetalArmor> ...

[19:18] <BlueDagger> XD

[19:18] <Harpalyce> BESTIALITY MPREG! Don't you just love mythology

[19:18] == Lokid [4c5a38ef@wikia/Olorin-The-White] has joined #wikia-avatar

[19:18] <BlueDagger> I DO

[19:18] <BlueDagger> I REALLY DO

[19:18] <MetalArmor> Uh, no, not really.

[19:18] <Lokid> Svaoilfari!

[19:18] <uiop60> ok, guys, it's been really fun

[19:18] <Lokid> That's the horse Loki slept with

[19:18] <uiop60> but I'll bbl

[19:18] <Lokid> Svaoilfari.

[19:18] <MetalArmor> Classic greek mythology always kind of disgusted me.

[19:18] == uiop60 [] has quit [Quit: Someday we'll be drinking with the seldom seen kid.]

[19:18] <BlueDagger> uiop60: NO

[19:18] <BlueDagger> GORAM

[19:18] <Lokid> MetalArmor, Loki isn't Greek

[19:18] <MetalArmor> and Norse mythology isn't much better.

[19:18] <BlueDagger> MetalArmor: Dude falling in love with himself. Nothing weird about that.

[19:18] <Lokid> I know

[19:18] <MetalArmor> I was getting to that.

[19:18] <Unequalist> BlueDagger: reported this debacle. you fool

[19:19] <BlueDagger> Unequalist: GOOD

[19:19] <@wjxhuang> Ulquiorra: so i still didn't catch your name

[19:19] <BlueDagger> BRING ON DA COPZ

[19:19] <MetalArmor> BlueDagger: .....


[19:19] <Ulquiorra> I never knew a group brainless users had so much people watching them.

[19:19] <MetalArmor> .............

[19:19] <@wjxhuang> DANCE-OFF WITH THE COPS

[19:19] <RandomRanaun> Ulquiorra: I was just reading the wiki and you weren't blocked because your views opposed those of the admins, you were blocked because you voiced them in a disruptive way.

[19:19] <Unequalist> oh and the admins OPed up

[19:19] <Harpalyce> oh damn the fuzz

[19:19] <MetalArmor> that's sort of how I feel right now too

[19:19] <BlueDagger> Ulquiorra: lol we're not brainless

[19:19] <Lokid> wjxhuang is Trigon the Terrible.

[19:19] <Unequalist> power through away.....

[19:19] <Lokid> He can see all!

[19:19] <BlueDagger> we act like it cuz it's fun

[19:19] <BlueDagger> Ulquiorra: besides you have worse logic and worse grammar than just about all of us

[19:19] <RandomRanaun> lol brainless

[19:19] <RandomRanaun> BlueDagger: ^^^^^

[19:20] * BlueDagger hands Ulquiorra some burn lotion

[19:20] <Lokid> actual photo of wjxhuang

[19:20] <Unequalist> don't you have lives?

[19:20] <RandomRanaun> "This is privacy."

[19:20] <Harpalyce> we're just busy discussing bestiality mpreg in classic norse mythology, nbd. isn't this what every chat does on monday evenings?

[19:20] <MetalArmor> ...

[19:20] <BlueDagger> Unequalist: ABSOLUTELY NO LIFE WHATSOEVER

[19:20] <MetalArmor> not one that I like being in.

[19:20] <Unequalist> i figured

[19:20] <Lokid> Unequalist, what is this you call "lives@

[19:20] <Harpalyce> (don't worry, MetalArmor, I'm joking lol)

[19:20] <Lokid> "*

[19:21] <Lokid> (and lol I haven't even been here in the last two weeks)

[19:21] * MetalArmor ponders why no one else likes Hebrew mythology the best . . . 'tis the only kind I can really get interested in

[19:21] <Harpalyce> A life? Oh yeah, I have one of those. Mostly because the 10% durability reduction on all my gear is way expensive and I don't want to have to go all the way to the spawn point anyway

[19:21] <MetalArmor> Lokid: I haven't been on here for several months, except in a few brief spurts.

[19:21] * MetalArmor prepares to tell everyone the meaning of life

[19:21] <RandomRanaun> Ulquiorra: Do you really think you'll gain supporters by calling them "brainless"?

[19:21] <Lokid> I like Egyptian, Native American, Babylonian, Mesopotamian....lots of mythology

[19:21] <Unequalist> you're time is up BlueDagger

[19:21] <BlueDagger> Harpalyce: Been playing D3 as well?

[19:22] <Harpalyce> BlueDagger: Eeyup.

[19:22] <RandomRanaun> I'm Native American! :D

[19:22] <BlueDagger> Harpalyce: Dude sweet

[19:22] <BlueDagger> Harpalyce: Class and level?

[19:22] <Lokid> RandomRanaun, I'm part Native American :D

[19:22] <MetalArmor> Native American I can stand more than most others

[19:22] * RandomRanaun ^5's Lokid

[19:22] <Unequalist> freenode said the admin should take care of this

[19:22] <Harpalyce> BlueDagger: Demon hunter, only level 14 or so right now. I've been playing bit by bit. I keep getting distracted by ATLA stuff and friends on tumblr :'v

[19:22] <Unequalist> how can i find an admin?

[19:23] <Lokid> since there's no "Latino" or "Hispanic" section in most paperwork, so the school has us just put Native American or Alaskan native....

[19:23] <BlueDagger> Harpalyce: Haha, I'm Wizard, level 23. it just keeps getting better, man.

[19:23] * MetalArmor tries to think of something to do

[19:23] <Unequalist> don't change the subject

[19:23] <RandomRanaun> My tests are lame. Sometimes they put "Amerindian" instead of "Native American". -_-

[19:23] <Harpalyce> BlueDagger: It is fun as all heck. I need to try the other classes, but there's a certain joy in just spamming chakrams and killing stuff that's not even on the screen yet.

[19:23] <Lokid> MetalArmor, well, there's a lot of cultural groups, so native American mythology vary greatly

[19:24] <RandomRanaun> ^

[19:24] <BlueDagger> Harpalyce: Lol, try Wizard. Slow time + wave of force + disintegrate + a few arcane orbs

[19:24] <BlueDagger> = mass destruction

[19:24] <Harpalyce> Oh man, I will definitely have to try that soon

[19:24] <RandomRanaun> Is Omar gone yet? 9_9

[19:24] == aford8484[ae7462cc@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[19:24] <Lokid> RandomRanaun, I know. It's weird too, since 98% of the school (and most of California) is Hispanic, you'd think they would have a section for that.

[19:24] <Lokid> But they don't.

[19:24] <Harpalyce> That's very strange. o_0

[19:25] <BlueDagger> RandomRanaun: Nope

[19:25] <MetalArmor> As long as Ulquiorra is on the side bar, Omar will be here.

[19:25] <BlueDagger> But he WONT TALK TO ME

[19:25] <BlueDagger> Ulquiorra: TALK TO ME

[19:25] <RandomRanaun> I meant if he's AFK. :P

[19:25] <Harpalyce> BlueDagger and Ulquiorra are tsundere for each other, I'm calling it now. /ducks rotten tomatoes

[19:26] <BlueDagger> SHUT UP

[19:26] * BlueDagger blushes

[19:26] * wjxhuang steals the rotten tomatoes

[19:26] <Lokid> Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes

[19:26] <BlueDagger> Harpalyce: I DO NOT LIKE OMAR

[19:26] * BlueDagger blushes more fiercely

[19:26] <RandomRanaun> who does?


[19:27] <Lokid> "It's not like I like you or anything, b-baka." - BlueDagger.


[19:27] <BlueDagger> B-B-BAKA

[19:27] <RandomRanaun> lol

[19:27] <Lokid> Harpalyce, how dare you beat me.

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