Ahahahaha, you make it sound like that’s what people were supposed to get out of the finale.

Because it wasn’t.

They don’t show the equalists’ side in any of this. They only ever it show it from the bending side. Tenzin says Korra “saved Republic City” and her only response is that Amon got away. Not that there are probably turf wars all throughout the city now that Amon is gone, not that there is probably civil unrest with non-benders. You don’t ever see an equalist viewpoint in any of this. So, the majority of the audience won’t sympathize with them All they care about is- Amon is gone, Korra saved the world, she gets her boyfriend! Huzzah~

Also, for season 2, I really hope you’re right.

I really hope you’re fucking right.

Because unlike you, I have no faith in the storytelling and character development anymore and I’m only really sticking around to see:

What this allusive “character arc” of Bolin’s is supposed to be.

How they handle Asami and Lin.

How they handle the Lieutenant (because he better be alive)

If they ever mention non-bending oppression again.

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