" I have watched her fight and risk her life in the name of equality, she speaks of peace and balance, but for who?"'

E for Equality
Amon's mask
Author Omar067
Illustrator none
Publication date Unknown
Published by Omar067
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E for Equality is a story written by Omar067. It tells the story of a young man named Kazu, who is determined to bring equality to Republic City.


After Amon and the Equalists fell from power, many non benders were left angry and confused at their leader's true identity. Although things went back to way it was before Amon's endgame, relationships between some benders and non benders had not yet healed. The triads still extorted helpless non benders, but with even more confidence knowing that the Equalists had been forever silenced. Nothing had really changed, and people were beginning to lose hope, but like some non benders who were not satisfied with their current status in life, a boy named Kazu vowed to obtain equality at all cost.


Kazu is the main character of E for Equality. He lost his parents at a young ago to a bending triad and has vowed to strive for equality ever since that tragic event. Kazu is a thoughtful and intense non bender, who that has an that has an inbuilt sense of right and wrong.


Book 1: Right and WrongEdit

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