Biobending Corps
"Peace through Biobending."


The Death God


The United Republic


Metalbending Police Force


Conquering the world.

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The Biobending Corps are an organization of people who are skilled in the bending art named Biobending. Their purpose is to conquer each of the five nations.


The Death God taught his followers the secret art of Biobending, thus creating the Biobending Corps. At first the Biobending Corps started of as a small street organization. It was not long before this organization of Biobenders gained enough power to overthrow the leader of The United Republic. After fully taking power of the nation The Death God didn't wait to try to enforce his powers over many parts of the world.

Battle at The Northern Air TempleEdit

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Requirements for MembershipEdit

In order to be a member of the Biobending Corps, one must have complete faith in the Death God, and must pass a Biobending skills test.



A captain is a rank that gives a biobender leadership of a small Biobending Corp team. There are many captains in the Biobending Corp.

Vice AdmiralEdit

A vice admiral is an admiral's second in command. People who are very skilled biobenders are given this rank. If an Admiral was to die, they would have to take their place as leaders.


An admiral is the second highest ranking in the Biobending Corps. They are usually leaders of cities under the controll of the Biobending Corps.


Vandenreich grupo

The Verteidigung-Kraft are the top ranked biobenders in the Biobending Corps. There are four members of the Vertiedung-Kraft and they serve directly under The Death God. They're his most trusted soldiers. They all wear black tinted masks to conceal their faces.


The uniform for most members of the Biobending Corps are a black garb with white stripes going down the center of the uniform, and a skeleton like mask. They also wear white gloves and boots.
624px-The Five Togabito

Notable MembersEdit

  • The Death God
  • Admiral Contindo
  • Lady Megumi
  • Kirge
  • Princess Emi
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