Below is an interview conducted by Omar067. He is interviewing Annawantimes.

Q: What gave you the idea to create Child of the War?
A: I read a book called Woods Runner that had a similar idea to Child of the War. It was about a boy who has his home destroyed by the British in the American Revolutionary War. But the storyline is different.

Q: What did you base Jenju's personality on? Did you base some of his personality on yours?
A: Jenju's personality was based off of mine mostly. He is calm, he likes the outdoors, and I would have reacted the same way in most of the situations he was in.

Q: So in one of your comments you said that Jenju will meet Aang. Can you tell us a little bit about how they will interact with each other?
A: Well, since Aang didn't really meet Jenju, I will have to make them meet while Aang is away from Team Avatar looking for Appa in Ba Sing Se. They will ask each other questions, like, "Have you seen my flying bison?" or "Have you seen my father?" They really won't interact too much.

Q: Do you have a clear ending in your mind for the story?
A: I'm still planning out the ending, and I think that there will be a big problem when Jenju searches for his father in Ba Sing Se. It has to do with the city's capture later in the War.

Q: So will Jenju have to face a powerful antagonist in the story?
A: He will not have to face just one powerful antagonist, but many Fire Nation soldiers.

Q: If Jenju has success with his goals, will his actions have a big impact on the Avatar world?
A: Well, it will just be another occasion when someone is saved from the Fire Nation, so it will not really have a big effect on the Avatar World.

Q: Did you ever have to rewrite a chapter in your story? If you did, can you tell us what you originally planned to write?
A: I did rewrite Chapter 3, A Rough Start. Originally, Jenju was captured by the Backwoods Pirates and imprisoned. Then, he is saved by a man from the Earth Kingdom.

Q: What kind of people do you think will enjoy your fanon?
A: I think that people who like stories that have a decent amount of action, cliffhangers, and survival will like my fanon.

Q: What lesson do you think a reader of your fanon might learn? And do you plan for your series to accomplish great goals like a featured fanon?
A: I think that people could learn that you could lose everything in just minutes. You should never take your family for granted. And I hope to someday become a featured Fanon as well as achieve Fanonbender status.

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